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Free Web Sites for Visual Arts Teachers has been set up to primarily serve visual arts teachers (illustration, photography, graphic arts, etc.) and their students at the university level. However, the site may in fact be beneficial to any teacher at all.

What the site does for teachers
Teachers with active accounts here have the following features available to them:
Create as many image albums as you wish - and give permission to students with active accounts to add to any or all of them. Each image in an album can also contain comments from both teachers and students

Upload documents that can be downloaded by students - or documents that need to be forwarded to students. Any document type can be uploaded and shared.

Add as many classes as you need. Just one? That's fine. Teach ten? Add them all. Each class comes with it's own home page.

Add as many class items as you need. These can be homework assignments, general messages, upcoming events, or whatever. Any student registered for a class will see the items you post on their own student home page. Each class item can contain unlimited documents uploaded by the teacher as well as links to external resources. Once a class item has been added by the teacher, students related to that class can upload their own documents to the class item after logging in.

Each teacher site comes with a blog, where you can post any type of information you wish. Each blog that is posted can be commented on by students, so these posts can be used as a starting point for dialog or discussion.

Each school has it's own message board, where threads of conversation can be started and images added within each topic thread. Message boards can only be viewed by people with active accounts.

What it does for students
Each student account comes with the ability to create multiple image albums that they can upload to at any time. Each image can be commented on by any student or teacher within a specific school.

Each student can upload unlimited numbers of documents to the server for downloading. Documents can be forwarded directly to any teacher that they have registered with.

Any time a teacher adds a class item, students will be aware of this on their own personal home page.

It's Free!

That's right - there's no charge.

Interested in creating a school account?
This is definately the place to start that process.

Need to create a student account?
Okay - that's going to happen right now.

Who did this and why?
The site was created by Robert Zimmerman and Josh Carpenter over at Bug Logic. We're the same two guys who created and and we're also the same two guys who created the Society of Illustrators online competition manager. We created this because we thought it would be beneficial. It might. It might not. We'll see.

We also created which provides free websites to thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students. It's not nearly as robust as this platform, but it does it's job pretty well. We have a bit of experience with helping educators and this project is another step in the same direction.